The Psychology Behind Building a Relationship with a Client

Updated: Apr 12

People are interesting; how they think or act and why. It is fascinating trying to understand them. And when you can achieve that understanding, you can drive your audience to what they want. You can leverage that knowledge of understanding and that, in turn, generates profits.

What is one thing people love to do more than anything else in a conversation? You guessed it, talk about themselves. One of the best ways to get to know someone and generate that desired leverage is to get them to talk about themselves. It helps you gain an insight into their perspective and let's you see things how they see things.

After you've gotten to know them a bit, start to phrase your pitch in a way that coincides with their point of view. The simplest way is to connect their reality with what you're selling. This could even be just re-wording and then regurgitating what they said right back to them. This generates a sense of understanding. They start to feel that , "Wow! They totally get me."

This leads to a new-found level of trust. They will start to think that you have the answers to their problems because you understand them. It's a simple psychological tactic that can be deployed to drive them to want to purchase your products. It's very effective and can even help you in negotiations.

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