The New Truth to Marketing

One term you here thrown around a lot in sales, business, and marketing is "cold calls." Some of you may already know what that is but for those of you that don't know, cold calls are when you reach out to a client that you have no prior connection with to sell a product or service. We all have received sales calls before, some are scams, but that's the general idea of what they are.

Cold calling doesn't just apply to the physical act of dialing a number and calling them. That's one angle that a lot of entrepreneurs miss. A random email or DM (direct message) can still qualify as a cold call and yield positive results. Messaging people in the niche of a product you are trying to push and generate sales with can be considered the same thing.

Cold calling is not dead and is still a useful tactic but with much of today's youth, they hate talking on phones. So what do they do and how can you leverage new societal norms? The answer is simple, DM them. Reach out and explain what your product is. Possibly even start in a more casual manner, depending on the person or situation.

Generating leads is all about the leverage. Technological advances has given us, the entrepreneurs, a new medium to push product through. Majority of people spend most of the day looking at their phone. They tend to read every message, or at the very least glance at each notification. Sure, they might blow you off and just clear it, but they'll at least see what it is. The more you do this, the higher the chance you're going to generate the next lead. Consider this when planning your next marketing move. It is tedious but you can always copy/paste and repeat.

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