Money Is Out There and We Want To Teach You How To Make It

Hustle. The one word that can change your life. There are endless opportunities to make money in this world and it all comes down to you. Today we are going to outline what makes the rich rich and the poor poor in a few steps. A new article will come out every few days diving further into each idea mentioned to give you a complete, in-depth guide to financial success.

The mindset of get a degree, marry, buy a house, have kids, save money, and retire is outdated. We are taught that because that is what our parents were taught and theirs before them. This is just simply not true in today's reality. When everyone has a degree, what is it worth? Experience and knowledge are the key components. A piece of paper doesn't prove what you know. There are plenty of unintelligent people with degrees. So, how can you make money then?

Dropshipping, fulfillment by Amazon, BRRRR method, wholesaling real-estate, high income skills, affiliate marketing. These are just a few high ticket, money making ideas that anyone can get started, quite literally, tomorrow. However, a few require some up-front capital and they all require some knowledge. So, research and a willingness to learn is a must for each of them. Now let's inspect a few of the business models even closer.

Fulfillment by Amazon is a business model that is a close relative to dropshipping. Essentially, you buy a product in bulk from a supplier, slap your own brand label on it (white labeling), ship it from the supplier straight to an Amazon warehouse, and they take care of the rest. From there, your only job is to keep your items restocked by clicking order. There are over 150.6 million Amazon users in the US. If you sell a $10 product 2,000 times a month, you are clearing $20k in sales a month. That means 0.0013% of the Amazon users located in the US have to buy your product a month. When put into perspective, that is a very achievable number once you learn the skills to correctly market your product.

The wholesaling real-estate model requires no up-front capital and can be very lucrative. Keeping it brief and simple, you find a rundown house and contact the owner with an offer. Once an agreement on price is reached, you have them sign a contract assigning the house to you. You then find an investor willing to pay more for the house than you agreed to with the homeowner. Once you reach an agreement with the investor, they sign the contract taking control of it from you. Once the sale is made, you get the difference between the price with the homeowner and the price with the investor. You can easily do this with only one house a month and still clear a six figure per year income.

These are very basic explanations of only two of the aforementioned opportunities to make a high income. The hustle and willpower to get through the rough patches is what makes you better. It is the secrets they don't tell you that make the difference. And yes, these ides will not work for everyone but the idea is that money is out there. You just have to find it.

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