Free Guide to High Income Skill #3: Social

Being a social person definitely helps in many sectors of life. One of them being business. This skill allows you to be more personable and make connecting with those you come in contact with much easier. The ability to get people to like you and gravitate towards you can be easily leveraged in your favor.

People are funny. They tend to buy things from people that they like than those that they do not. Having the skill set to build that relationship is an absolute asset to anyone in marketing, sales, or content creation. So, how can you develop and build upon this skill?

The ability to carry on a meaningful conversation and relate with someone is a skill that is obtained through practice. Small talk does not leave a lasting impression, but the conversation does not necessarily need to be intellectual either. The best method is to lead the conversation but make it appear as if they are. To achieve this, ask questions and get them talking about themselves.

People love to talk about themselves. Obtain as much information as you desire and relate to them using that. You can do so by simply making connections with their point of view and your own. An example would be finding a common interest and making the connection out loud. At this point, the person you are conversing with will feel that you are alike. Thus, making them like you because you are relatable.

If you are a naturally awkward individual or feel uncomfortable being a social butterfly, there is hope for you yet. A great method to overcome this is to do confidence challenges. It is not easy to do, but it is called a challenge for a reason. Basically, do something out of the norm in public. A few examples would be orcing yourself to take rejection or randomly start dancing. Yes, it is weird and you will get weird looks. What this does is, it helps you mentally overcome the fear of embarrassment. Once this is achieved, you can do anything you want.

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