Free Guide to High Income Skill #1: Writing Copy

This is the first installment, in a series of multiple pieces, on the top three free high income skills mentioned in one of our previous articles. Today we are discussing copywriting; copy for short. This is not to be confused with copyright. Copywriting is the use of writing skills to create advertisements. To avoid the confusion between copyright versus copywrite, one would say "writing copy" not "copy writing." Now we have established a basic understanding of copy. Let us dive a little deeper.

You might find yourself asking, how do I develop this skill? The simple answer, practice. The longer answer is what type of practice. Reading and writing are the two main categories to focus on; with some studying thrown in the mix. Now it is time to focus on the how.

Reading expands the mind and vocabulary. By reading different genres, fiction and non-fiction, you can develop new perspectives and voices. By reading regularly, you not only develop a winning habit, you can also learn new skills. This kills two birds with one stone.

Writing furthers what you expanded through reading. Practicing this can be achieved by free-writing or by writing articles, short stories, or a book. You can even keep a journal if that is your preferred method. The best way, from what we have found, is to practice the way you play. Meaning, if you want to develop the skill of drawing an audience and potential leads, practice writing in a professional medium or voice. So, practicing writing articles is our best advice.

For study material, absorb everything you can. Research articles and videos on writing copy. Find a style that suits you best and run with it. Through practicing, you will develop a change in voice and perspective. Thus, creating a style that is all your own. The world is at your fingertips. Thanks to the internet. So, there is no shortage of learning material on this topic.

We will be starting free courses on this high income skill and many others through our blog and YouTube in the very near future. We want to help you become the best you can be. We will likely teach the skills in different levels so you can start in a place where you feel comfortable. Feel free to join us to further your skills or develop new ones.

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