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Updated: May 3

The best copy writers in the world know how to make their words matter. They show that the pen is mightier than the sword. With their knowledge and skillset, they can sell a fur coat to a polar bear. We want to teach you how you can master this skillset and create more marketable content through with the help of an example and breakdown analysis. Let's dive into the example and add a tool to your marketing toolbox.

Title: Discover How Icicles Are Costing You Money & Causing Potential Catastrophic Damage to Your Home Introduction/Hook: Icicles may be a beautiful sight during the harsh winters, but it is common knowledge that they can also be a hazard. A lesser-known fact is that they could be a warning sign of a much larger issue with your home and your bank account. Icicles indicate inadequacies with a structure’s insulation. This means you are losing heat, and money, to subpar insulation. You may find yourself asking how this is a sign? Well, let us guide you through the process of what causes it and what we can do to help you combat it. All while putting your hard-earned money back into your wallet. Explanation: Starting with the how and why, heat rises. So, it is no surprise that it ends up at the roof of a structure. This process heats the roof from the interior, causing the snow and ice on the exterior to melt. The snow and ice can melt uniformly or in patches. Either way, it shows the weak points in the current insulation. As the water slides down the pitch of the roof, it cools as it moves further from the heat source. This causes it to refreeze at what is known as the drip line (aka the edge of the roof). Thus, forming icicles. Ice dams can also form. This is concerning to any homeowner because it causes water to pool up before freezing. This stagnant water can destroy shingles and seep into the roof causing further destruction. The Sell: Sounds awful, right? That is the bad news. The good news, there is an easy and simple solution to all your problems, an upgrade in insulation. Structures with poor insulation costs homeowner’s money throughout the winter and summer. The upgrade will not only cause an immediate return of investment through lower heating bills, but it also eliminates a winter hazard. During the summer, the upgraded insulation will continue to net a return of investment by holding in the air conditioning, lowering your cooling costs. This means your home is now more efficient than ever and it eliminates the risk of the upfront costs by saving hundreds of dollars in electrical bills year-round for years to come. The Close: This is where our exceptionally friendly and skilled staff comes in to save you money. We provide a high-quality spray/injection foam insulation for attics, walls, rim joists, crawl spaces, and pole barns. We also work with both new and existing structures. Our team provides you with excellent customer service and the best experience home improvement has to offer. It is so easy that once we are done, no one will ever know we were there. But your bank account will thanks to all the money you saved by making the smart decision to make your home more energy efficient. We take a conservative approach to accomplishing the project. We start by removing all the old, insufficient insulation with various methods (i.e., bagging by hand or industrial vacuum). Then we begin the process of spraying or injecting the new foam insulation. If spraying, we simply apply the high-density expanding foam to the newly exposed and cleaned interior surface of the attic space. If injecting, holes are bored into the walls to access space between the interior wall and the exterior wall. Fear not, we ensure all holes are properly patched and correctly color matched to ensure perfection. Call To Action: Indiana Spray Foam has been the leader in the spray foam industry for Northwest and Central Indiana areas since 2006. We deliver the consistency and performance you deserve. So, make the call today for a free quote to start your journey to securing a better financial future (888) 936-3626. We look forward to doing business with you.
Customer Satisfaction Examples Customer Testimonials: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Great service and great value! While they may be a small percentage higher than other companies I have used, I clearly see I get more than my money's worth! I've had 2 separate crews that have delivered the same result ahead of schedule. I'm now planning another project for them!" -Kenneth O. "They did a great job on our warehouse! Very friendly and displayed a great work ethic.  Highly recommend." -Wes G. "These guys are great, did the whole house and you wouldn’t even know they had been here. Matched the grouting in the outside stone prefect and inside garage walls patched flush. No mess left behind. A crew with great work ethic." -Sharon B.

Now that you have read the example, we will break down each of the bold sections. This will help you understand the importance and goal of each section within a correctly written piece of copy. Through that understanding, you will be able to enhance your skills and take your marketing strategy to the next level.

The title is the most critical portion in a piece of copy. Creating an enticing and catchy title that psychologically plays to the emotions of your audience is crucial. The title is the first thing that a viewer sees. It is what draws them to your piece and convinces them that it is worth viewing.

The hook, or introduction, builds upon what the title accomplishes. The hook is what draws the audience to continue hearing what you have to say. Make the hook relatable and show why it is important. The introduction portion outlines what the piece is about.

The explanation doesn't really need and explanation. But for the sake of keeping this in-depth, you want to break it down for your audience. Try to use a voice and style that suits them. You want to speak to them in a way that they makes it relatable to their reality. This helps drive the target audience through the piece.

The sell is the section where you want to insert your company and make your audiences' mind up for them. Make your company seem like the 'no-brainer' option for the product or service. This is achieved by augmenting their reality using the power of words. In other words, convince them to utilize your product or service.

The call to action is where you close the sale. Closing is where the money is made. This section should incite the desired action. After all of the build up in the previous steps, use psychology to play to their emotions and convince them that it is 'their idea' to take the action. People don't like being told what to do so making them think it's their idea and 'inviting' them to perform the action will help seal the deal.

The customer testimonials section is the icing on the cake. This creates a track record of success and happy customers. It shows consistency and gives your company credibility. Just another piece that furthers the audiences logic into reasoning why your company is the 'no-brainer' option.

With the newfound knowledge of creating perfect copy, use this skill to level up your business. If you enjoyed this piece, subscribe to our blog. Seize the opportunity to improve your marketing strategy, the time is now. Email us for a free consultation for all of your copy and marketing needs.

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