A Beginner's Guide to Sales Funnels

Updated: Apr 10

The most simple breakdown of a sales funnel is a five step process. In this article we will walk through each of the five steps. They will be broken down and we will discuss each one to help you gain a basic knowledge of what it is. Then you can apply that to your business. With that said, let's jump right in and get started.

The first step is attention. To be successful, we have to get people to look our way. Whether it be good or bad publicity, it's still publicity. This can be accomplished through ads, social media posts, door-door, etc. The possibilities are endless and with the world at our fingertips, via the internet, it's never been easier to grow an audience.

The second step is traffic. Once we grab our audiences attention, we want them to generate traffic. Again, the possibilities on how this is achieved is endless. Ads, social media, and much more can be used to drive the audience where you want to go. A micro-step here is to have a goal (i.e. a product or landing page) that you are driving them to. That's where you want the traffic to land. Think of yourself as a crossing guard directing the traffic.

The third step is micro-commitment. This is when you have someone interested. They're not set on buying anything yet. But, they're really looking and considering their next options. This is when you want to jump into the next step.

Now we want to nurture. In this portion of the process, you want to build that rapport with the potential client. Personality and relationships go a long way. You want to sell yourself, as much as you are going to sell the product. Finding the common ground and being comfortable holding conversation is critical to this step. In our previous article we will discussed relationship building as a selling tactic. Check it out for a more in depth analysis of simple ways to employ this tactic.

For the final step, we are talking about conversion. This is the tipping point of the transaction. Every step has led to this moment. This is when you close the deal and walk away with a happy client. During this step you want to make the final ask for the product or service you are providing. This is where your leads turn to sales and sales turn to profits.

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